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Abigail B. (Abby)

“Walking in confidence, regardless of the status of our lives – this is a beautiful thing” ~Abigail (Abby) B.

Abby is a bold and stylish fashion icon who walks in confidence –and of course always with her white cane – reflecting the beauty of all blind and visually impaired sisters throughout the world. A true fashionista who radiates a level of hip sophistication, Abby is forever on the move, providing tips and techniques, answering questions and moderating discussions about style and fashion. Due to her vast experience and life adventures, Abby also helps us change the way we perceive blindness with the goal to improve humanity, one attitude at a time.

So what’s in a name? – Abigail springs from “Abilities” + “nightingale” reflecting her boundless Abilities since she certainly doesn’t let her blindness define her; and nightingale – the small ordinary bird best known for its extraordinary and beautiful song of the night and for being an important symbol of freedom and joy for authors and poets throughout time. And what does the “B” stand for? Abby won’t say, but many speculate that it might stand for Bold, Blind or Beauty, or perhaps it just means to “Be” – all you can be.

Abby’s Fortitude – Abby evolved into the on-the-move fashion icon she is today after experiencing what can only be described as an exceptional growth spurt from infancy to a young stylish woman of 30 something. But it was before that she was diagnosed with a rare genetic eye disease leading to her now 95 percent vision loss. However, Abby being determined to not let this set her back, she decided to embrace her blindness, access the tools available for the blind and visually impaired, and move forward with her life.

Global Adventures – After graduating magna cum laude from her Ivy League school in business and law, Abby immediately landed at a prestigious global law firm on Wall Street and advanced to managing partner. This would be enough for most women, let alone those with a disAbility, but Abby felt there was more to life than just business, so she took a much-needed hiatus from the high-pressured corporate world and became an avid adventurer, traveling the four corners of the world. Abby scaled the highest mountains, sailed the stormy seas, explored the deepest caverns, strutted the runways of the major fashion capitals of the world, met a diverse array of people from all walks of life, and even led a jazz trio as a popular singer!

Putting it all together – With these incredible experiences under her belt, Abby was ready to combine her well-honed business and legal skills with her passion for fashion and apply it all to something important to her – empowering other women with blindness to be all they can be. So she put her wicked mad skills to work as a fashionista when she was hired at where she provides tips and techniques, answers to questions and moderation to the discussion on fashion and style.

In Her Spare Time – When Abby isn’t working or volunteering at a children’s school for the blind, she enjoys painting (yes, blind people can paint!). She now resides in a beautiful and comfortable home with fashionable décor from her travels all over the world, along with the love of her life, Mobi, her adorable Yellow Lab, a retired guide dog.

Finding AbbyAbby can be found exclusively on, the website that brings women together to share in the beauty of fashion and style in a community that encourages empowerment and camaraderie, and makes a connection between the sighted and non-sighted worlds eradicating misconceptions and long-held stereotypes about people with vision loss.

Abby can also help you find great fashion and style items at her very cool e-commerce site Abigail Style, where she lets your attitude dictate your fashion direction with stylish apparel and related merchandise designed by visually impaired women for both sighted and non-sighted women.

You can join Abby on at Abby’s Corner where discussions are always about fashion and style – and being bold, blind and beautiful!


The white cane icon “Abigail” was specifically created for, and is the property of, Bold Blind Beauty and Abigail Style, LLC and is not a replacement for the nationally recognized white cane icon.